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What sort of engineering apprenticeships are out thereengineering apprenticeships

Are you interested in the how and whys of making things work? That’s what engineering apprenticeships are all about: they focus on a blend of on-the-job training and classroom teaching to enable you to gain the kind of qualifications you need for a successful career in engineering.

Hands on

It’s a very hands on job, so the greatest part of your apprenticeship will be made up of learning technical skills. And since information technology, science and math’s are all extremely relevant to engineering, you’ll need a good knowledge of those. So if you’re willing to develop their skills and already have those interests, you’ll find that an Apprenticeships in engineering really are the best entry into your career. Because engineering is such a broad field, you have a very wide range of subjects to specialize in, and career opportunities afterwards. This means it’s best to have an exact idea of what type of engineering you’re interested in before signing up for any kind of apprenticeship. It could be that you’re either going to learn a broad range of techniques… or a very specific set of skills. So it is always best to make sure that you’re learning the right techniques and skills for the branch of engineering you intend tend to go into. You could, for example, undertake an apprenticeship in construction, electronics, the motor industry… or even textiles – you’ll find them all under the heading of “engineering”.

Life learning

Apprenticeships in engineering are definitely worth it: once you have the qualifications you’ve decided on, then you can look forward to a career in a field boasting some of the highest salaries around: many surveys have shown that engineers even earn more than doctors. If you’re worried about the cost of an engineering apprenticeship, don’t be: in the majority of cases, depending on your circumstances as well, the government pays for your training. That really is the bare legal minimum: As an apprentice, you’ll enjoy the same working benefits as those you’re working with, like paid sick leave and holidays. In most companies, there’s a dedicated apprenticeship manager to help trainees at work, while the college where those trainees study will also offer help and support when it comes to the academic side of their apprenticeship.

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